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Using the community shop
I have woodworking experience. Do I still need to do the Certification?
What does the Certification cover?
How can I get “certified” to rent time on the lathes?
Can I work with reclaimed or salvage lumber at Makeville?
Are there restrictions on using exotic woods?
Other than my lumber, what should I bring with me?
What equipment do you have?
Is there a spray booth?
What finishes can I use in the shop?
Can I leave materials and in-progress work at the studio?
What if I need help on my project?
How do I reserve studio time?
How much does studio time cost?
Does the shop get crowded?
Can I bring my own tools?
Can I bring a helper or friend?
What is the studio time refund/cancellation policy?

Taking classes
The class I want to take is sold out. How do I get on a wait list?
What is the refund/cancellation policy?
What if I miss a class?
How many students per class?
Do I need to bring anything to class?
I’m a total beginner, what class should I take?
Can I make something different than the class project?
Can I rent time in the community shop after taking a class?
Who are the instructors?
Do you have kids classes?
Can a teenager take a class?
Can I pay by check or cash instead of purchasing online with credit card?
Can I pay for a class in installments?
Are private lessons available?

Visiting us
What’s parking like around the studio?
Is the neighborhood safe at night?
What’s the closest subway?
What are the hours of operation?
Can I schedule a tour or drop by with questions?

Gift Certificates
How do I purchase a gift cert for classes?
How do I purchase a gift cert for studio time?
This is a surprise--will the recipient be notified when I purchase the gift cert?
Once purchased, how do I send the gift cert to the recipient?
I received a gift cert, how do I use it to purchase a class?
Can I get something printable for the actual gift giving?
Do gift certificates expire?
Can I transfer my gift certificate to someone else?

Everything else
Where can I buy lumber near the studio?
Can I have lumber delivered?
Is there a freight elevator?
How long has Makeville been in business?


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