Having the right tool for the job helps you get your project done right--safer, faster, better. Here's what we've got:

Two 10" Table saws
6" and 8" Jointers
13" and 20" Planers
17" Bandsaw
Drill Presses
10" and 16" Lathes
Scroll saw
12" Compund Miter saw
Routers - plunge, stationary
Router table
Vacuum press
Steam bending box
Jig saws
Circular saws
Biscuit joiners
Hand tools - chisels, planes, backsaws
Grinders & sharpening tools
Plus clamps, measuring / marking tools, jigs, etc.


How about a real workbench, the right tools for the job, and an inspiring, spacious studio? In addition to taking classes, you can bring your own projects to Makeville.

How it works
1. Take our "Workshop Certification" class (for folks with experience with woodworking machinery) or "Intro to Woodworking" (for beginners) to get certified to use the shop and all its resources.
2. Reserve and pay for your studio time in advance via our online booking system. Learn more aout rates and availability here.
3. Bring your materials and project plans and get started!

studio workshop layout plan tools classes

Our community
Makeville is a community of craftspeople and artists of diverse backgrounds and skill levels, but we share a common culture of shop etiquette and safety, which is the only way a shared shop like this can work. Learn more about what's expected...Makeville Studio Code of Conduct



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