Makeville Studio
119 8th St, Unit 208
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel: 917-873-5542

Design to Reality Workshop - Sun 1/15, 2-6pm


Do you have an idea for your next project but you're not sure where to start?
In this 4-hour workshop you will learn how to plan a successful project from start to finish. Using a table as an example project, we'll cover design, budget, timeline, building strategies, jigs and what to expect at the lumber yard.
First, you'll brainstorm and sketch some basic table ideas. Then we’ll look at the sketches as a group and select one design, or combine elements of several, to use as our example project. After drawing the table design at full scale with pencil and paper and in a 3D modeling program, we’ll lay out the parts and come up with a cut list, thinking through the building process in its entirety. This includes anticipating which tools and any jigs we would need. Last, we’ll outline a procedure list -- a detailed step-by-step plan for building the project.
By the end of this class you'll not only have a detailed plan for making a table, you'll have a framework for planning and building virtually any project.
This class is also a great jumping-off point for private instruction with the instructor if you wish to pursue the table you designed in class or a different project.

Level: All
Class size: limited to 12
Class date: Sunday 1/15, 2-6pm
Price: $100

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  • With: Michelle Lipson

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