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Hand Planes, Spoke Shaves, and Scrapers with Gary Rogowski


The hand plane, spoke shave and scraper are three of the most valuable hand tools on your bench. Learn to tune and use these cutting tools and your woodworking will be transformed! This is a rare opportunity to spend two full days with acclaimed woodworker, teacher and author Gary Rogowski learning how to set up, sharpen and master these essential hand tools.
The simple geometry of a sharp plane iron can make rough wood smooth and dull wood shine, trim off a paper-thin shaving, and make surfaces flat and true. In this one-day workshop you will learn how to tune up old or new hand planes--from flattening its sole to honing its iron. We will tear a bench plane apart, learn how it all works, and how to tune up the sticky parts on your plane. Then we will sharpen and re-assemble to fine tune and use.
A spoke shave shapes curves. chamfers edges, and cleans up round and convex shapes with incredible ease. Spoke shaves are the best tool for fairing curves--whether on a template or furniture part. Learn to use one in conjunction with your band saw and you will be one very happy woodworker!
Finally, the scraper is an amazing simple piece of steel. Discover how to sharpen and use one and you'll wonder how you did without it. Whether scraping off excess glue, truing a surface, or taking out planer marks, the scraper is a hand tool you'll want to have in your kit.
Bring your own hand tools and/or use ours for this class.

Level: All
Class size: limited to 10
Date: Sat 5/27 and Sun 5/28, 10am-5pm both days (with break for bring-your-own lunch 1-2pm)
Price: $400 + $50 materials fee

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