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Which class should you take?

tools and techniquesTools & Techniques classes get you up to speed on tool safety and operation, and basic woodworking techniques. Successful completion of these classes "certifies" you use Makeville's workshop for your own projects.

hands-onHands-on classes give you in-depth training on specific tools as you make a project to take home with you. Materials, tools, and basic designs are provided.

hands-onKnowledge classes provide you with essential design and technical background on a variety of topics in a compact, seminar/demonstration style format.

Current classes...

lathe bowl turning wood
tools and techniques
hands on
Intro to Woodworking Boot Camp - August
Mon 8/22 to Fri 8/26, 10am to 5pm each day
Immerse yourself in three of our most popular beginner level woodworking classes for five full days!
10am-1pm - Intro to Woodworking
1-2pm - Lunch break
2-5pm - Lathe 101 + Bowl Turning
All tools, safety equipment and materials will be provided for these classes.
Non-member price: $1150 + $175 materials/equipment fee
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intro to woodworking
hands on
tools and techniques

Intro to Woodworking - Sept
Session #1-Wed 3-6p, 9/7 to 10/5
Session #2-Thu 7-10p, 9/8 to 10/6
Session #3-Sat 10am-1pm, 9/10 to 10/8
Session #4-Sat 3-6pm, 9/10 to 10/8
Session #5-Sun 10am-1pm, 9/11 to 10/9
Session #6-Mon 3-6pm, 9/12 to 10/10
Session #7-Mon 7-10pm, 9/12 to 10/10
Session #8-Tue 3-6pm, 9/13 to 10/11
Session #9-Tue 7-10pm, 9/13 to 10/11

Designed for beginners with little to no woodworking experience, this five-session class covers wood physics, shop safety and etiquette, an introduction to joinery concepts, and hands-on experience with both hand tools and machinery. The project for this class is a small side table with angled legs, using half-laps and bridle joints. This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to work safely in the shop on your own projects and/or to move forward with more advanced woodworking classes. Completion of this class certifies you to rent studio time for your own projects. All tools, materials and safety equipment are provided.
Price: $495 + $100 materials/equipment fee
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lathe bowl turning wood
tools and techniques
hands on
Intro to Hand Tools
Wednesdays 7-10pm, 9/14 to 10/5
Over the course of four sessions you'll get hands-on training with essential hand tools--back saws, chisels, and planes--while making a classic hardwood mallet with simple and elegant joinery. You'll also learn how to keep your tools sharp and well-tuned. This class provides a solid foundation of skills and techniques for both small projects and more advanced hand cut joinery for furniture making. All tools and materials are included.
Non-member price: $395 + $50 materials/equipment fee
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hand joinery stool class
tools and techniques
hands on
Steam Bending Workshop
Wednesdays 7-10pm, 9/7 to 10/5
This five session course will introduce you to the methods and processes of bending solid wood using steam while making a decorative bent wood lighting fixture. We will cover how to build a steam box using simple and affordable materials, how to select and prepare the wood, shaping the wood with molds, straps and drying racks, and joinery for bent wood projects.
Non-member price: $475 plus $50 materials fee
Member price: $472
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lathe turning wood
tools and techniques
hands on
Lathe 101: Intro to Turning
Sept Session: Wed 7-10pm, 9/14 to 9/28
Oct Session: Wed 7-10pm,10/12 to 10/26

This three-session class is a hands-on introduction to the art of turning wood on the lathe, covering lathe setup, operation and safety, carving techniques, and tool sharpening. Instructor Alan Dorsey will guide you through the basics, with a special focus on turning decorative and functional furniture parts such as table legs, chair parts, and finials to name a few. This class also provides a solid foundation for those interested in a range of turning projects, such as pepper grinders, tool handles, and pens. This class also serves as a prerequisite for our bowl turning class. All materials and safety equipment provided. Completion of this class allows you to rent open studio time to use the lathe to work independently on your own turning projects.
Non-member price: $375 + $50 materials/equipment fee
Member price: $382 (includes materials)
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lathe bowl turning wood
tools and techniques
hands on

Turning Bowls on the Lathe
Sept Session: Mon 7-10pm, 9/12 to 9/26
Oct Session: Mon 7-10pm,10/10 to 10/24

In this three-session workshop, you will turn a block of wood into a wooden bowl while learning the principles of bowl turning, tool selection, and turning techniques. You will also learn lathe operation and safety, how to sharpen lathe tools, and finishing basics. All tools, materials and safety equipment are provided.
Completion of this class allows you to rent open studio time to work on your own lathe projects.
Non-member price: $415 + $60 materials/equipment fee
Member price: $427 (includes materials)
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carving shaping wooden utensils
tools and techniques
hands on
Woodworking II: Decorative Boxes
Sundays 3-6pm, 9/11 to 10/9

This 5-session intermediate-level workshop builds on skills learned in Intro to Woodworking, expanding into joinery and special techniques used in smaller projects. Working with machines and hand tools, you will build a one-of-a-kind decorative box comprised of several hardwoods. Topics covered:
  • How to make a cut list and estimate materials and cost from a design
  • Milling rough lumber using the jointer, planer and table saw
  • Splined miter joints
  • Accurate marking and measuring for joinery layout
Non-member price: $635 + $50 materials
Member price: $616 (includes materials)
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furniture making joinery bench
hands on
tools and techniques
Woodworking II: Chair
Tuesdays 7-10pm, 9/13 to 11/1
This 8-week intermediate-level workshop takes you step by step through the typical furniture-making process: design, layout, cutting, joinery, assembly, glue-up and finishing. Working with machines and jigs, you will build a solid hardwood chair. You will learn two techniques to cut mortise and tenon joinery and use the table saw and router to shape parts. We will focus on machine set up and organization to get accurate, repeatable results. Topics covered include:
  • How to layout parts, make a cut list and estimate materials/cost from a design
  • Milling rough lumber using the jointer, planer and table saw
  • Cutting tapered parts on the table saw and how to build a taper jig
  • Mortise and tenon joinery using two methods: plunge router with table saw and Festool Domino joiner with loose tenons
  • How to use the router table and templates to create exact copies of a part
  • Strategies for gluing and clamping
Non-member price: $775 + $150 materials and equipment fee
Member price: $832 (includes materials)
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workshop tools studio rental
Workshop Certification
Do you have experience with woodworking machines and want to bring your own projects to Makeville Studio? Take this class to get certified to rent studio time or become a member. Beginners should take Intro to Woodworking for equivalent certification.
This class will get you oriented to the machines and systems in our shop as well as review critical safety concepts for the table saw, band saw compound miter saw, router table, and drill press, with an introduction to the planer and jointer. Basic techniques will be covered for each tool, including how to use the various jigs and tables for more efficient and accurate work. Single 3-hr session.
Available dates:
Wed 8/17, 7-10pm
Price: $215
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