Less is more

We love making stuff, but we don't just want to make more stuff. So we try to use recycled, reclaimed and found materials as much as possible.
NYC seems to have a never-ending supply of salvageable wood, metal, wire, hardware, and other random cool "trash" just laying around.
Let's subtract from the landfill and add to the gallery.


studio workshop tools light spaceDesigning, building, and crafting is our passion.
Makeville Studio exists because we believe everyone should experience the deep satisfaction that comes with making something with your own two hands.

Furniture, lighting, decorative and functional objects, art. Given the right tools and the knowledge how to use them, you'll be amazed at what you can create.

Contact info
Phone: 917-873-5542
Hours: The studio is open by appointment, for classes and studio time. Check the Makeville calendar for details. We're happy to have visitors--just email or call ahead of time to make sure someone will be there.

119 8th St, Unit 208, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
Makeville Studio is located in Park Slope/Gowanus, in an old industrial building that was once a sweater factory. Recently converted into commercial lofts, the building is now home to a number of creative businesses, workshops, art and design studios.
Directions by train: take either the D, F, G, M, N or R train to "9th St & 4th Ave" station (check train schedules--not all trains stop here at all times).

A different kind of joinery
Interested in learning more about woodworking? Live in the NYC area?
meetup woodworking group
Join the Makeville Studio Woodworking Meetup group. It's free, fun and full of creative folks who love to talk shop and make things. Read all about it here.


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