Make it count

We love making stuff, but we don't just want to make more stuff. Move beyond salvaged wood--the biggest "green" impact you can have as a maker is to build things that last, things that are so well-crafted and beautiful no one would dream of throwing them out!
You can do this, and as always our amazing community of instructors, shop monitors, and studio users is here to help.


studio workshop tools light spaceWe love design and craft, but teaching is our passion.
Makeville Studio exists because we believe everyone should experience the deep satisfaction that comes with making something with your own two hands.
Started in 2008 with just a handful of classes and a bare bones shop, Makeville has grown into NYC's top venue to learn woodworking.
Given the right tools and the knowledge how to use them, you'll be amazed at what you can create.

Our community
Makeville is a community of craftspeople and artists of diverse backgrounds and skill levels, but we share a common culture of knowledge sharing, shop etiquette and safety, which is the only way a shared shop like this can work. Learn more about what we value...Makeville Studio Code of Conduct

Contact info
Phone: 917-873-5542
Hours: The studio is open by appointment, for classes and studio time. Check the Makeville calendar for details. We're happy to have visitors--just email or call ahead of time to make sure someone will be there.

119 8th St, Unit 208, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
Makeville Studio is located in Park Slope/Gowanus, in an old industrial building that was once a sweater factory. Recently converted into commercial lofts, the building is now home to a number of creative businesses, workshops, art and design studios.
Directions by train: take either the D, F, G, M, N or R train to "9th St & 4th Ave" station (check train schedules--not all trains stop here at all times).

Our instructors
Steven Ceraso
Steven Ceraso is an accomplished fine artist and woodworker. Steven has previously taught and worked as a technical assistant at 3rd Ward Brooklyn, Long Island University, The New York Studio School, and Parsons School of Design. His work has been exhibited at Fountain Art Fair, Williamsburg Art Walks, The Parrish Museum, Angels Gate Cultural Art Center, The Carnegie Museum, and Adelphi University. Steven's sculptural work combines repurposed materials with hand crafted forms. He is currently working on a relief carving commission for Iona College.

Alan Dorsey
Alan Dorsey has been woodworking professionally since 2002 with a focus on residential cabinetry and custom furniture. He began woodturning in 2008 and produces furniture parts, architectural components, positives for casting (metals, ceramic, concrete, etc.), prototypes for product design, as well as his own sculptural artistic works. Showing a preference for distressed or difficult woods in his own work he strives to exaggerate natural textures by framing them in simplified classical elements and forms.

Kate Hawes
Kate Hawes is a graduate of the Cabinet and Furniture Making program of the North Bennet Street School in Boston. She began working in wood twenty years ago, when she studied with Maurice Fraser at the Crafts Student’s League in Manhattan. She subsequently worked for John Fischer Furniture making high end custom furniture, first as an apprentice and then as a bench person.  In 2000, she co-founded a cooperative wood shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn which was the home for dozens of independent artists and furniture makers over the years.  In 2009 she was awarded an artists’ residency at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado.  Currently, Kate lives and works in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  Her recent work evolves out of her background in traditional furniture making, while also reflecting her interest in building intuitively and exploring new forms.  She enjoys teaching students to cut joinery by hand, never underestimating the power of a sharp chisel edge and cutting to the line.

Rex Kalehoff
Rex is a trained artist and craftsman, creating original sculptural, utilitarian, and decorative objects in wood. Born in NYC on a wood sailboat called The Magic Venture, he completed a BFA in Sculpture (UARTS) and MFA in Wood Furniture Design (RIT). His artwork and teaching philosophy draws from extensive exhibition and teaching experience nationally and internationally, in addition to several years living amidst ancient times in South East Asia and in the wilderness of Australia. Rex brings a fun and playful attitude to teaching, and offers comprehensive instruction on conceptual development, thoughtful design, technique, and overall integrity/awareness in woodworking.

Robyn Mierzwa
Robyn founded Makeville Studio in 2008 as a way to develop and share her passion for making. Having studied architectural engineering and worked for almost 20 years as an architectural lighting designer, she has also been a life-long self-taught woodworker. In addition to designing and building custom furniture and lighting, Robyn loves teaching--for the enjoyment of getting to share what she has learned over the years and for the privelege of being a part of others' creative journeys.

A different kind of joinery
Interested in learning more about woodworking? Live in the NYC area?
meetup woodworking group
Join the Makeville Studio Woodworking Meetup group. It's free, fun and full of creative folks who love to talk shop and make things. Read all about it here.


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